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Giorgia Piscina - Biography

If you are a new fan of Giorgia Piscina please read the following to get more of an understanding about Giorgia.

Giorgia's Background

  • Full Name: Giorgia Ellena Maria Piscina
  • Born: December 15, 1993
  • Age: 23
  • Birth Sign: Sagittarius
  • From: Bristol, England and currently residing in Brisbane, Australia
  • Experience in Modeling: Some Experience
  • Years Active: Most of her life.
  • Shoot Nudes: NO
  • Before Fame: Before getting into bodybuilding, she was a cheerleader and a gymnast. She moved to Australia when she was eight years old
  • Real Life Job:Graphic Design for my parent's company ‘Silk Oil of Morocco
  • Website: Giorgia

Giorgia's Body Details

  • Height: 5'6
  • Weight: 121 lbs
  • Bust: 1"
  • Hips: 1"
  • Waist: 1"
  • Cup: DD
  • Dress:1
  • Shoe: 7.5
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Skin Color: Tanned
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Length: Very Long
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Tattoos: Some
  • Piercings: 0
  • Genres: Fashion, Fit Modeling, Fitness, Glamour, Hair/Makeup, Lingerie, Promotional Modeling, Sports, Swimwear

Quick Bio

She is of English and Italian heritage.

Giorgia Piscina is currently a WBFF Pro Bikini Model & also is a runner up in the WWE tough enough show in 2015.

Having grown up immersed in all kinds of sport, and well-known Australian cosmetics brand ‘Silk Oil of Morocco’.

Though often travelling for various events and competitions, Gigi is a living and breathing example of health and fitness.

She placed first in the 2014 WBFF Australia Diva Bikini Model Tall competition.

Giorgia Favorite,and Least Favorite Exercises

Giorgia enjoys training her lower body the most. Some of her favorite exercises are deadlifts, squats, glute kickbacks, lunges, and leg curls.

Also, Giorgia likes to incorporate the Stairmaster machine in her glute and leg workout. She believes it’s not only a great form of cardio, but it also helps her tone her quadriceps and glutes.

On the other hand, her least favorite body part to train is her back. Talking about her back training days, Giorgia said; “I hate chin ups! I swear they never get easier!”

Intense Forms of Cardio

Besides the Stairmasters, Giorgia also likes doing HIIT, aka, High-Intensity Interval Training.

This type of cardio includes anything that greatly raises Giorgia’s heart rate. Some examples would be sprinting outdoors, doing intense kettlebell training, and swimming, among other things.


Giorgia’s diet is fairly routine and simple; she typically eats the same in the off-season and the in-season.

The only difference is in the frequency of her cheat meals, which she has more often when she’s not preparing for a contest. Overall, Giorgia eats five to six meals per day; aiming to eat every two to three hours.

Diet Plan

Giorgia’s typical day of eating looks something like this.

Breakfast – Oats with a scoop of protein “I love vanilla, cookies & cream or banana flavors best!” + 3 egg whites “which I throw in the pan and scramble with Himalayan salt!”

Snack – Greek Yoghurt with blueberries or 3 x rice cakes with avocado & tomato.

Lunch – chicken and brown rice.

Snack – chicken, sweet potato, broccoli & cashews

Dinner – protein shake (after workout)

Snack – salmon & broccoli.

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